Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i am the problem

I am the problem in every relationship. My relationship with my parents, with my friends, with my siblings, with God.

At the college Bible Study a few weeks ago we talked about how each of us is insecure (selfish) in every relationship and how that is destructive to our relationships.

I am afraid, that if people saw the real me that wouldn't love me, I afraid of doing the wrong thing, I am afraid to be open, I am afraid ...that they will love someone more than me. I am afraid.

 But God.

But God knows me perfectly and He loves me perfectly. I am secure in Him. He loves every part of me. Deeply.

He sees my sin and hates that and because He loves me He disciplines me so very gently so very painfully and changes me.

 I don't have to be insecure in my relationships with others, even if they reject me, my Creator never will. And He is the only one that matters.

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