Friday, September 16, 2011

music tastes

I borrowed a cd from a friend, Over The Grave by Sojourn. It is an excellent cd. The music style isn't necessarily my favorite, but I don't mind it and the hymns are wonderful. My favorite song from the cd was Warrior.

Listening to a few of the tracks on the cd sparked a music discussion from my mom, sister, and I. We ended up sitting on the couch sharing music we liked and having the others tell us what they think.

I discovered something very interesting; the only thing that really matters to my mom is the lyrics. She doesn't want them to be too repetitive, she wants them to be poetically beautiful, she wants them to convey deep emotion, and she wants to know that the writer was pondering something deeply as he wrote them.

I, on the other hand, truly could care less about the lyrics, I want the music to be beautiful and I want to enjoy the singers voice. I can listen to a song twenty times over and really never hear the lyrics. They don't matter to me, as long as they are not offensive, I will listen to the song. Thus, whenever I want to have a friend listen to a song that I like I always look up the lyrics to see if there is anything inappropriate in it before I share it with them.

It was a fun evening and I discovered that my mom and I have almost nothing in common when it comes to taste in music.

The next morning I wanted to put the Sojourn cd on my iPod so that I could take it to work with me. My sister had already downloaded the cd onto her iTunes. I was hoping to plug my iPod into my computer and get the music from her computer onto mine through the home sharing feature on iTunes. Only iTunes wouldn't let us share music between our computers. My next thought was to plug in my iPod into her computer and just download the cd onto it from there. That didn't work either, iTunes would have had to erase my existing music on my iPod and just put the cd onto it. I didn't want to do that, I wanted to have my other music on my iPod also. I put my iPod back onto my computer erased everything off of it and then, put it back on Justine's computer, put the cd on it, and then back again it went to my computer. Only to put my music back onto my iPod I had to erase the cd again.

By that time I had to leave for work, so I ended up erasing the cd off my iPod putting my old music back on and bringing the cd to listen to in the car on the drive over. It wasn't what I wanted, but it is what I got. It turned out fine though, because my iPod lasted for about 2 hours before the battery died. In that time I was able to get a few John Mayer songs in.

My favorite John Mayer song at this time is Heartbreak Warfare. My favorite part of the song is, /If you want more love /why don't you say so/ if you want more love /why don't you say so /just say so/, because, well, the music is beautiful. And as you know, I only care about the music.

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