Tuesday, September 20, 2011

why i love fall

I love every season of the year. But I get most excited about fall because I love fallish things.
20 things I love about fall in no particular order:

 1) Sweaters
 2) Soup
 3) The world going dormant
 4) Jeans
 5) The smell of the new day (which makes me think of football)
 6) The winter sun
 7) Leg warmers
 8) Fall music
 9) Cool weather
10) My pink coat
11) Dying chrysanthemums
12) Wool socks
13) Football
14) My cat sitting on my lap
15) Fires in the fireplace
16) Baking
17) Movies on a cold, dark evening
18) Coffee with a lot of cool whip
19) Knitting
20) My cloud (my feather comforter on my bed)

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