Monday, October 31, 2011

i blinked

I blinked and October was gone. It was spent working, house sitting, and visiting friends in another state.

I contemplated starting a journal. It sounded like a nice thing to do. And then I remembered how often I update this blog. And how I have to make an effort to read my Bible each day. And the book I have been reading I started in August.

This is not to say that I am so busy that I can't do these things, but that when I have down time I usually chose to do something else. The heart of the problem is laziness.

I learned that I can easily live without facebook. I did so for about two weeks and I didn't even miss it. In fact I didn't even miss my computer or the internet. The reason I cannot live without it at my house is boredom. I don't bother to find something else to do. It is just easier to spend my time on the computer. I guess it goes back to laziness.

My friend posted around 100 songs on my wall while I was gone. *Update: The final count was 292* I am now in the process of listening to them all. It has been a pleasant experience. Only not when my wall freezes up because it can't handle all the songs on the page. That is totally not happening right this very second. John Mayer is the artist right now. Or he would be. If facebook would let me scroll down to him.

One of my favorite things about blogging is it causes me to realize that I actually do think about things, I just don't take the time to consider any of my thoughts long enough for me to be able to express them to someone else. Blogging helps me slow down and consider and then share. I like that.

I have been considering what the next photoshoot I have should look like. So far I haven't come up with anything definite.

Sweaters have become a part of my reality the past few weeks. Naturally I am happy. I no longer have to try to justify wearing a sweater on a ninety degree day.

I suppose October was a good month. I wouldn't know. As I stated before I wasn't here. I blinked and it was gone.

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