Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was sick for twelve days. I had all the symptoms of Bronchitis. I never went to the doctor, so I can't be sure, but this was gnarly, whatever it was. I had a low fever and it caused me to have no energy. I was on the couch the whole time. A lot of movies were watched. And I found a lot of  photography blogs to follow. Also my facebook presence was a bit overwhelming, I am sure, to all my friends. I drank more tea and orange juice than I thought possible. And swallowed a lot of pills. Every. Day. I strongly dislike pills.

One thing I disliked about being sick was that I missed fall at it's peak. By the eleventh day of my sickness I couldn't stand it anymore. The late afternoon sunlight was too beautiful for me to ignore. Here are three images from my fifteen minutes outside.

I have picked up my knitting again for the first time in months. I finished a pair of leg warmers for my friend and Justine made a cowl. It inspired me to make a cowl also. I made one yesterday and started a new one today. It is very nice to be knitting again. I hope to make some for Christmas presents. My favorite things to knit are accessories. They are relatively quick and make perfect gifts.

We listened to a sermon today and it caused me think about obedience in a way I never had before. I knew everything that was said, but I thought about it in a new way and on a deeper level.
I am a daughter in my parent's home. As such I am to obey them. I have more freedom now than I had when I was five. But. I still am under their authority. I am to obey them and honor them.
At times I think one day I won't be under any authority.
Here is where the reality comes in.
I will always be under someone's authority. Right now my dad, anyone I work for, my church elders, the leaders of the state, one day my husband, and most importantly at all times, God's authority. Honoring the people that are in authority over me should be by my actions. But not only my actions, which are very important, but my attitude as well. How I speak of them when they are not there, my body language, and my tone of voice when I am addressing them.
Such a huge and impossible task. Without God. But as a Christian, I have God's Spirit dwelling in me and by His power I can obey God and the people He has given authority.
I will never be out from under authority. And God has designed it that way for my good and His glory.

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