Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the past week

I often wonder why I have a blog. I can't write. But here I am. I think it is because it causes me to form my thoughts into sentences and paragraphs that are understandable by others. That is the goal anyway.

This post is going to be a quick update on my life. I wish I was a cool and had photos to go with everything, but alas, I do not.

I got a new iPod a few weeks ago. I dropped my old one on the tile floor and it didn't come back to life. So I updated my purple 4th generation Nano for a *pink* 6th generation Nano. It is pretty snazzy and I like it a lot.

The sunset last Sunday night was incredible.

Last week we had some friends from TU's RUF over for dinner. It was a lot of fun and Mom and Dad were entirely themselves making the evening perfect and hilarious, for which I was glad. Justine made a delicious apple pie and I made 6 different pizzas. Mom had given me this really neat pizza cookbook for Christmas. It is a round cookbook and when you have it open, on the right hand page there is a picture of the finished pizza from above taking up the whole, round page. On the facing page are the instructions for the making of the pizza. We picked 6 pizzas to make, bought all the ingredients, and I had the honor of making them all. Again, I wish I had photos of the finished pizzas, but all I have is a photo of the ingredients.
Here is a list of the pizzas I made.
  • 'Regular Pizza': pepperoni, black and green olives, mushrooms,artichoke hearts, and mozzarella.
  • Bell Pepper Pizza: Sauteed bell peppers and onions, capers, and mozzarella.
  • Artichoke Pizza. Sauteed artichokes and fontina. No sauce.
  • Ham and Mushroom Pizza: Sauteed mushrooms, ham, and gorgonzola.
  • Vegetable Pizza: Sauteed eggplant and zucchini, green olives, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan.
  • Greek Pizza: Tomato, onion, feta, and kalamata olives.
I went to the Cain's Ballroom for the first time last week, twice! The first evening we went to The Civil Wars concert. It was wonderful. The Civil Wars were the best. The sounded amazing live and the crowd was incredible. The Staves opened for them and they were simply lovely. Their harmonies blew me away. Here is my favorite song they sang from the evening. My feet hurt by the end of the evening but I didn't care. 

The second time I went to the Cain's, I went to see a friend's band play. They did great. Afterwards we went to a nearby coffee shop and listened to a band from Tulsa play. I wanted a cd right then. They were amazing.

With all the fun events of the week, sleep was put on the back burner. Not only did I have late nights, but my cat chose to sleep either on me, next to me, or on my pillow. I actually woke up one morning with a crick in my neck because Miko had forced me off my pillow and my side of the bed and onto the pillow next to me and the middle of the bed. By Saturday noon, I was exhausted. I ended up spending the rest of the day on the couch with my computer and my favorite blogs. Thankfully, late nights are not in my immediate future and Miko has kicked her strange sleeping habits and is now back on her side of the bed.

Yesterday at work my employer, who is celiac, had made a pan of brownies. While they were certainly edible, and in fact pretty good, they left me craving *real* brownies. Naturally, I came home and made a pan. Justine and I listened to music, drank tea, did our Bible Studies, and I single handily ate approximately half a tray of brownies. As of now, there is about one brownie left. This is why dessert is not made that often at our house. It is just not good.

This morning Justine and I had to drive separately to Bible Study. I was going to take Mom's car but when I went to go get the keys off the hook they weren't there. I then looked in Mom's purse. Not there either. I mentioned this and Mom didn't know where they were. Dad's immediate response was, "Aleta, did you leave them in car?" Mom looked at Dad and said, "No. Well, maybe." Dad went out to the car and I followed. By the time I got there, the car was running. It turned out Mom had indeed left them in the car, in the ignition, with the doors unlocked, over night. It was so funny. It didn't even phase her. Only my mom. This is why I love her so much.

I was given a sewing project to work on today, from my employer. I had to sew together six *huge* panels of curtains together. And then make a valance. Let me just say, I don't like sewing. I forgot this until I began, then I remembered, but after a few minutes I resigned  myself to my fate and ended up not wanting to pull my hair out. I think my Pandora station helped.

Dad and I went today to get an approximate on new shocks for Justine and I's car. They are getting really bad, any bump or dip in the road threatens to bottom out the car. Let's just say, they aren't going to be cheap. On the way home Dad took a call from a client. As I was listening to him talk to the man, it struck me that listening to Dad talk to his clients is when I love him the most. The way he treats them, the extra mile he goes to ensure (haha! I just made an insurance pun) that they get what they need, makes my heart swell with pride.

Now I have to run and finish getting ready ready for RUF this evening. Have two photos, I took them on Sunday and they are straight-out-of-the-camera.

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  1. Amazing nano, AWESOME sunset, and DELICIOUS looking pizza!