Sunday, January 15, 2012


Back in November I had gone to Loft and tried on a few pairs of their straight leg cords. My favorites were the pink pair. Because. Well. They were pink. And pink is my favorite color.

I didn't buy them then because they were more then I wanted to spend and I decided to wait for them to go on sale.

I didn't go back to Loft again until two days ago. Loft was having a sale and pants that were currently marked down were an additional 60% off. They had a pair of *pink* cords in my size. Naturally, I had to buy them.

I brought them home and showed them to everyone. I was so excited. The next day was Saturday, and our wash day, so I put them back in the laundry room to be washed with the rest of the clothing.

Justine was cleaning the 1/2 bath in the laundry room. She had run out of toilet bowl cleaner so she went back into our bathroom to get our bottle of it.

Now, you must know that, our bottle of toilet bowl cleaner isn't working properly. When you flip it upside down to squirt the liquid out, it doesn't come out the hole in the top, instead it backs up and comes out the back of the cap.

Now I knew this, but Justine didn't. When she attempted to use it nothing came out so she gave up, flipped it upright, and went to put it back in our bathroom. This is when it, in her words, "vomited all over her", and to my chagrin all over my new pants.

It bleached out a few spots on my pants quite lightly and mottled a few other places. In essence they were ruined.

Justine asked me if they had had another pair in my size at Loft, since she had ruined mine. I called Loft and had them hold another pair of pants for me.

We decided to try and "save" them by doing something with them. Why not? Justine was going to be replacing the current pair. We looked online and came up with a plan to dye them.

Further reading indicated that if you dyed them the dye would not evenly cover the bleached spots. W
e then decided to try to bleach them out a bit more before we dyed them.

The site recommended using a top loading washer and filling it up, adding a few caps full of bleach, allowing it to mix evenly into the water, then add the pants, and wash the pants like normal.

Since we own a front loading washer and they don't work the same way, I called our neighbor up the street and asked if we could use her washer.

To their house we went armed with bleach and my pants. We started the washer and had it fill up, we added two caps full of bleach, let it mix around a bit and added my pants. About a fourth of the way through the cycle, we pulled the pants out and decided there wasn't enough bleach in the water so we added another cap full.

It was a bit humorous standing in someone else's house for a whole wash cycle while they are home doing their normal thing. Justine and I had to laugh at ourselves.

Once the load was done we pulled out the pants and couldn't see the bleached out spots. We took them home and dried them, and get this, they were *perfect*. You couldn't see the spots and they had turned out to be this awesome bubble gum pink color.

What once were a mauve pair of pants were now bubble gum pink.The bleach had taken out the blue in the fabric.
I like the color better now. While I had loved them before, now I adore them.

And Justine is off the hook, she doesn't have to buy me another pair of pants.

As Mom said, it was serendipitous.

It makes me want to bleach something else.


  1. Oh my WORD! I need your BUBBLEGUM PINK PANTS!!!! I should buy some and you could bleach them for me! :D

  2. I wore them on Sunday, they really did turn out perfectly.