Saturday, April 7, 2012

that time when i stabbed myself

This evening I stabbed myself with a steack knife.

Not a sentence you want to utter.

It was dinner, we were having nachos, and I thought an avocado would compliment my meal. I took an avocado from the bowl, brought it over to the trash can, and sliced it in half around the pit. I opened it up and held the half with the pit still firmly attached and prepared to remove the pit. Now the next action was normal procedure, only this time it didn't go as planned.

Avocado half in my hand, I stabbed the pit with my knife to remove it. A small glitch occurred, the knife did not go in deeply enough, so that when I tried to draw the pit out by pulling on the knife, only the knife came out and not the pit with it. Naturally, I thrust the knife into the avocado harder. But this time as
 I was stabbing it, the knife didn't go into the pit as intended, but slipped on the round, slick pit and went around it, straight through the avocado and into the pad of my hand between my fore and middle finger.

Folks, it hurt.

Immediately I regretted my action mere moments ago.
As I was washing my wound out, contemplating what I had just done (I just stabbed myself and *hard*.) and watching my my fingers become blue and swollen, I went into a mild state of shock. Blood rushed to my head, my vision went fuzzy, and my ears began to ring. I mumbled something about feeling faint and Mom told me to go sit down and elevate my hand to stop the bleeding. I did and a few minutes later the ringing subsided and my fingers returned to their normal state.

Thankfully, I am fine, but maybe in need of a crash course in Kitchen Safety 101.


  1. Pampered chief has a great tool for removing the pit. Im glad you still have five fingers:) MICHELLE

    1. OWWWCCCHHH That hurts SO bad! I hate it when I cut myself! Like Michelle said, I'm glad you still have fingers!