Monday, March 11, 2013

sweet and salty

I was at work at seven this morning. I woke at six-thirty. I lay my clothes out the night before and dress in the dark, then I pad into the kitchen for a quick breakfast of toast smothered with peanut butter and then I am out the door.

I showed the kids the alarm I set on my phone to wake me up. They could barely hear it and couldn't understand how I heard it when I have two humidifiers blowing on high speed in my room. What can I say? I am a light sleeper. I actually woke myself up at six this morning because I had my head under the pillow and I knew I wouldn't be able to hear my alarm from there.

The kiddos ate breakfast and we got cracking at school, then we ate a healthy lunch (Nobody minded the peas, but they balked at the fresh carrots. Odd. I know.) and were out the door for various lessons in the afternoon.

I always have fun at their house, the kids know what is expected of them and do it without complaint (mostly) and I get the pleasure of keeping house for the day. They are fun and a joy to be around.

I left at dinner time and headed over to Wendy's for a Sweet and Salty (frosty and fries) I went to a nearby park and ate it and then I was off to another house to watch a few more children.

After fourteen (very nice) hours I came home and Dad had a fire in his fire pit. So I stood outside and soaked up some smoke while I poked at the fire. I liked it a lot.

But now it is my bedtime. I have be at work at seven again.

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