Tuesday, November 26, 2013

my room has become a second garage

Our garage is practically a storage unit. It is a two car garage, but there is a metal pole in the center of it, which makes it so we can only park one car in it, the other half of the garage is full of organized *stuff*.

My room is becoming a second garage.

It started innocently enough. My bed has a couple of feet between it and the wall and you can't see the ground over there when you walk into the room.

First it was the blinds that weren't needed anymore, then I had quite a few boxes of beer stacked along the wall. I really didn't mind it too much, my room isn't very decorated and I have a pile or two myself.

The other night I climbed into bed and saw a 50 gallon tank next to my bed. The remaining gerbil had died a few days before and I guess they needed somewhere to store the cage. I started giggling, my room really had become a holding place for junk!

The peak was last weekend, someone gave Dad a new TV. Not sure why we needed it, it is about as big and clunky as the current TV we have and works just as well. Anyways Dad must have come to the same conclusion, because I came in late one night after working all day, flipped on my light and laughed and laughed. There sitting, not quite behind my bed, so quite visible from the doorway, was a huge TV.

I wonder what my room will receive next. And when any of this will go, because surely it will. Surely.

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