Monday, January 27, 2014

eighty-five days

Not sure if I should be telling you this or not, but it's had been 85 days since I had shaved. I shaved on Saturday and it was perfect timing because it was 70 degrees on Sunday.  

I shaved October 31st because we were leaving the next day to visit a friend for the weekend in Fayetteville. I didn't want to be bothered by shaving. We got back and I didn't ever get around to shaving. When I realized I hadn't, it was about the 10th of the month. I figured I'd made it about 1/3 or the month, I could continue and participate in No Shave November. At the end of November, not shaving had become more convenient than shaving. No one could tell I hadn't shaved, I wore jeans or when I wore skirts, I had on black hose (which I would have worn anyway) so I wasn't bothering anyone. 

On Saturday I had gotten tired of my hairy legs. So I shaved. Because I could. I had only not been shaving because I didn't want to. When I wanted to, I shaved. 

So now you know more about me then you probably ever cared to know. 

P.S. I probably will never not shave for the winter again. I think this was a one time deal. 

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