Thursday, January 23, 2014


I want a quiet love. 

Not smothering. Or gushy. 

Not boisterous. Or sickeningly sweet.

But instead undemanding.

Let's stand next to each other, close enough that our shirt-sleeves brush, but that is all.

A hand brushed across a back as they pass. 

A gentle kiss on the forehead or neck. 

Let's sit so close that our whole bodies touch without holding one another.

I simply stated, I like you, that holds all the feelings in the world.

An arm laid across the back of their chair. 

A hand rested on a thigh. 

Me holding your arm as we walk.

An arm loosely around my waist.

A smile across the room.

A hand momentarily resting on a shoulder.

Let's be comfortable together. Just being. 

A love that's mutually understood. 

An understated love. 

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