Monday, April 7, 2014

the future

The future. It's always there. In front of you. Looming. You can't get away from it.

The future has seemed bigger these past few days. What to do with it?

I love my job. It's different everyday, but has enough of a schedule to keep my from going insane.

The problem is, it pays well, but not enough to support myself if I ever needed to do so. And it isn't stabile enough to count on income, which would be super stressful if I had a lot of bills.

I didn't go to college because that's a lot of time and effort and money. I wasn't even sure I'd use my degree, because ultimately I wanted to marry and raise a family. I still do.

Marriage isn't something I can go out, work hard at, and then achieve. I have to wait. Trust God.

It could be that I never marry.

I want to have something I'm passion about. Something that gets me up every morning eager to create.

I've been pondering my possibilities these past few days.

I have an idea, but now I am deciding if it is even feasible. Or if it is something I want to pursue. I'll keep you updated.

The future has the ability to terrify or excite.

God promises to be faithful. He always has been in the past. He will be in the future.

My response to the future should be one of excitement.

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