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Saturday, June 9, 2012

that time when i locked myself out of the car

I locked myself out of the car. In the middle of practically nowhere.

Grandma and I went to visit Justine today. When we got to The Ranch, Justine was outside the chapel waiting for us.

After hugging her hello, we all got in the car and drove over to the building Justine was staying at, to get her laundry. Once there, I grabbed everything I had brought along to give to Justine, got out of the car, hit the locks, and started up toward her room. Halfway there I realized I was blocking someone from getting out and it looked like they were getting ready to leave. I asked if they would like me to move my car and they said yes. I started back towards the car juggling everything in my hands, as I attempted to locate my keys. It was then that I realized the truth. I didn't have them. Sure enough there they were sitting in the console where I had tossed them.

I immediately felt sick, however was I going to tell Dad? The worst was that usually I am so very careful, I check to make sure I have my keys before I lock the car and close the door, but this time I didn't.

I remembered that Dad had an extra key in a box under his car. Desperately, I felt under his car for the box. It wasn't there. I hiked back over to girls waiting for me to move my car and shame-facedly told them that I had locked my keys in the car. They were so gracious about it.
Meanwhile, Justine checked under the car for the box. She too came up empty handed.

Lindsay ran over to greet me, and I tried really hard to be excited to see her, because I was, but I felt so sick about what I had done that I am afraid my greeting was half hearted. She walked  me partway over to the office.

When I had almost reached the office I saw my friend Suzanna, I screamed her name and hugged her, careful not to touch her with my greasy hand. I asked Suzanna how her week had gone, but I was so preoccupied that I didn't get to talk with her the way I had hoped. She walked with me the rest of the way to the office where I called my parents. Mom answered and she got Dad to confirm that indeed, a box should be under the car.

Dad made sure to tell me that if I had left my keys in the ignition that the car wouldn't have locked. I am afraid I didn't take this as graciously as I should have, I was a bit frustrated. That was wonderful, but the fact of the matter was that I hadn't left my keys in the ignition, I had left them on the console. And what was done was done.

I went back to look again, with Suzanna in tow, while Justine went to find someone to see if they had the tools to get the car unlocked. All she found was Rhett with a coat hanger. He needed to talk to someone, so the four of us, Grandma, Suzanna, Justine, and I, stood and waited for him. Daniel saw us and came over to say hello. We explained the situation and then we all went over to look at the car.

Thankfully, the girls were waiting for me to move my car found a different way out.

 Daniel knew someone who had the tools: wedges, wire, et cetera, so he walked over to get them, I walked with him to call Dad.

Once I had Dad on the phone I asked him if he would be willing to let Daniel try and get in the car. Dad naturally said no. What I didn't realize was that, in Dad's mind he saw someone with a coat hanger scratching up his car. He didn't realize that we actually had tools to get the car unlocked.

Dad called roadside assistance and told me he would call me back.

So while Daniel was putting away the tools, I slid under the car to check for sure that the box was indeed not there. It really wasn't.

Suzanna left to go lay down and rest.

As I was talking to Justine about it, she realized that Dad didn't understand that we had to correct equipment, so she called Dad back right away and explained, and because she was Justine, Dad told her that we could try.

We got Daniel back out to car and he began to work on it. And guys, after a few minutes, he got it open! I was so, so, so happy.

In fact, for the rest of the afternoon, every few minutes I would say, "Guys! Daniel *unlocked* the car for us!" Just like that, because I was so happy. So happy.

We gave Daniel muffins that we had made, later that afternoon, to show our appreciation, but didn't even begin to express how happy and thankful I was.

The whole thing was an adventure. I handled it well sometimes and other times I wasn't as composed as I should have been. I know it didn't help that I was so very hungry. I had eaten breakfast at about eight and was looking forward to lunch when we got there. I actually was hungry at eleven when we left Tulsa, little did I know it would be three more hours before I ate.

I was so shaky by the time the car was open. And even after eating it took me a couple of hours to feel better. What can I say? I just need to eat every three hours.

God used this in my life today. Even if I didn't want it to happen. He reminded me that I am human and make mistakes. Even if I am super careful, I still mess up. He reminded me that He is caring for me and it is not necessary for me to freak out over stuff. Guess what? The car *did* get unlocked. Just like I knew it would. Overreacting is silly. Did I expect to be locked out of my car for the rest of my life? Also, just having Daniel there, was so nice. He was so calm about it, it reminded me that, truly, it was not worth sinning over. God also showed me that in a lot of ways, because of His grace in my life, I was able to be a lot calmer then my fleshed wanted me to be.

And everything worked out.

We were able to go into town and eat lunch, get ingredients for muffins, and come back to The Ranch and bake.

And now I am listening to Zach Winters so my day is infinitely better.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

house sitting, yoga pants, and adorable kittens

Just to warn you, this post consists entirely of my ramblings and the past week for me.

Well. I am here. House sitting. It could be for a week, it could be for a little over two weeks.  I do have internet here, but it isn't wireless, so I have to be in the back bedroom, plugged into the wall, sitting on the floor.

Packing turned out not to be a big deal. I packed all my clothes in a laundry basket and brought a bag of toiletries. Have we ever discussed the insanity of how many toiletries I need and use? I don't understand it. And I don't even wear makeup! I threw the other items I needed into the car and then Mom and I bagged up food for me to bring.

I don't plan on going home, because with working so much I won't be here very often and the dog needs me. Yes, home is only ten minutes away, but ten minutes turns into twenty and then thirty, at the very least, and I really need to be here any time that I can. I have decided to not take any evening babysitting jobs while house sitting, for safety reasons and because the dog needs me here. I also won't be shopping or doing anything with friends.

It is going to work out just fine. I took this job, not because I was looking forward to it, nor because wanted to do it, but for two reasons, first because I want to be of help to them, and second, because I knew I could do it. Have fun? Maybe not. Be completely able to do it? Totally.

I am just hoping I sleep well while I am here. The past two weeks haven't been the easiest for me. For about a week I didn't sleep. Okay, okay. I *did* sleep. But not very well. It would take me between an hour to two hours to fall asleep and once I did I would sleep lightly and wake up many times throughout the night. Plus that week I was just getting over a virus and I was working a ton. By Wednesday of last week I couldn't handle it anymore. I wasn't able to function. As I sat there, that evening, trying to stay awake, I racked my mind trying to figure out what the cause of the problems might be. Not sleeping, wasn't like me. Normally I sleep quite well. The last time something like this had happened, it had turned out that I had an infection in my mouth where I had recently gotten one of my wisdom teeth removed. That wasn't the case this time.

The only thing I could think of was that I had noticed my stand up fan was blowing harder. I don't have a ceiling fan, so I have a fan at the end of my bed. I had just cleaned it out the week before and it was now working properly. In an act of desperation, I moved my fan back abut two feet from my bed and turned it away from me a little. Guess what? I slept very well. The whole issue had been that I was too cold at night.

Unfortunately, I got to bed too late the next two nights and then worked very hard on Saturday and by Sunday I was so tired that I just couldn't even handle it again. I spent the day either in my bed or on the couch.

On Thursday evening, Kerra, Caitlin, and I went over to our friend Aubry's apartment. She made us potato soup and we spent the evening catching up. I spent the evening laying on her couch trying to stay awake. My favorite part of the evening? Aaron sang a The Head and The Heart song to me. I was so happy.

 My parents had a dinner party on Friday evening, so I went with Laura and Suzanna to the Coffee House on Cherry Street. I had never been there before, it was lovely. I had a cappuccino. It was the perfect thing for me to do. I have had a busy and stressful day and laughing with two friends and encouraging each other in the Lord was just what I needed.

Saturday, I woke up and cleaned the house and then drove to The Ranch to visit Justine, we did her laundry and then headed into town for an ice cream and a jar of peanut butter. Because it was Justine I was visiting, when we went over to the staff lounge she got the bright idea of cleaning the kitchen. So I took everything out of the pantry, refrigerator, and the freezer, threw away all the expired food, wiped out the pantry and fridge, and then put everything back in. Meanwhile, Justine wiped down all the counters, cleaned the sink, microwave, and stove, and washed all the dishes. When we were done with that, we swept the whole place. By the time we were finished I was so tired. Justine and I went back to her "room" and just sat there for about an hour, not saying anything. Then Justine declared that she was going to cut her bangs, so she did. While I ate Nutella.

It was a fun trip down to see her. I was so tired on the drive home that I kept looking out the side window of the car to keep myself from staring unseen out the front of the car. I got home and crawled into bed.

On Sunday, I barely made it through Sunday School, but I was a lot better for the service, after church I came home and crashed. I watched a tv show my dad wanted me to watch and then I crawled into bed and listened to the two new Zach Winters cds I had just gotten. (Which I have to add, if you haven't ever listened to Zach Winters before PLEASE do. You won't be sad. Here,I will even provide a link to a song.) That evening Dad wanted me to go with him to get a root beer float. I really didn't feel up to it, but I didn't want to disappoint Dad, so I went. Before we left I mentioned the fact that I didn't want to change clothes, and Dad looked and me and told me I looked fine and didn't have to change. I was so happy. So I went in my button up sleep shirt and a pair of yoga pants.

Since it is getting to be dinnertime and I need to come up with something to eat, I will close with this *adorable* photo that I saw on pinterest this week.

life without justine #20

Who is going to push bobby pins back into my bun, tell me that my breath smells bad, or give me a look to remind me to stop interrupting?

life without justine #19

Not gonna lie, our bathroom is way tidier then it ever was when she was here.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

life without justine #16

I can't look over her shoulder at her sermon notes to write down the last half of the sermon point that I missed.

life without justine #15

The comb that I use in the shower, stays there. I don't have to get out, dripping wet, halfway through my shower to find it.

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