Friday, April 19, 2013

reasons to wake up early

If it is cold you can stay in bed.
I never accomplish anything at night.
Morning can be drawn out for a longer amount of time.
You can be lazy and not feel guilty.
You can be alone for hours, just you and the Lord.
You can drink your cup of tea or coffee very slowly.
You can have two breakfasts.

This morning has been wonderful. I got up and ate my first breakfast, a cup of fruit and a quarter cup of yogurt, then I had a mug of tea and sat at the table for two hours waiting for my second breakfast, half a banana with almond butter on it.

Now it is time for the real world to happen. So I must change out of my button up, leggings and wool socks, and greet the day head on. But I am ready.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saw a man riding a bike down Sheridan today.

Let's talk about the bike. This wasn't a sports bike, this bike had a basket on the front and probably had a bell too. It looked like the sort of thing you would ride if you lived in a little town and wanted to ride in to the market. Oh, and you were a girl.

The man on said bike was a pretty pudgy man with a goatee, he was wearing his sweats, a giant t-shirt, his safety helmet, and a bright orange vest. The basket was also lined with bright orange material.

I don't know, maybe it wasn't funny, but I laughed.

life is beautiful

I want a porch swing and a swing hanging from a tree. I want to eat ice cream cones. And have lots of plants in my house. I want to have lots of cats. And wear pink. I want to sit by a fire in the fireplace and a bonfire outside. I want to knit. I want to capture beauty through my lens. I want to take hot showers. And sleep under rumpled sheets.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Next time a child asks me what my favorite food is, I am simply going to reply, "Frosting".