Monday, October 21, 2013

old cat

We went to the Farmer's Market this Saturday on Cherry Street. There was an antique shop on the stretch of road we were walking down, it had the oldest cat I have ever seen. It had old fur. It meowed at us through the glass, but since we couldn't hear it, it just looked like it was opening it's mouth. It also rubbed the door because it wanted us to come in and pet it. Unfortunately, the store wasn't open yet, so we couldn't go in. 

I kinda fell in love a little bit.


On the cruise I discovered something about myself I didn't know previously; I melt when you call me 'Princess'.

In the dining room, they have a headwaiter that makes sure the whole dining room runs smoothly. Edwin was a 50+ man from India, with a potbelly and a little mustache on his upper lip. He lit up when he saw the three of us girls walking into the dining room, me leading the pack with the grandparents trailing behind. He would stop and look me in the eyes and ask, "How are you today, Princess?" And I melted every time. Which surprised me. I didn't think I appreciated endearments, but I guess I do. A lot.

Friday, October 18, 2013


As a child, we visited Oxley Nature Center quite often. Now that I am an adult, it's been quite a while since I have been there.

Justine and I went running at Oxley today.

It was wonderful.

I found myself distracted by the clover growing on parts of the trails. I always want to look for a four leaf clover.

It was chilly outside and my bare legs were cold when we first started to run and the air hurt my lungs. I quickly adjusted to the temperature and soon welcomed the breeze across my face. I realized it was the perfect temperature to run in, I was neither cold nor hot.

As we ran, a small shower went overhead and I loved listening to the rain patter against the dead leaves on the ground and feel the drop smatter across my forehead.

We ran through grass. The wet seeped through my shoes. Soon I could hear the water squishing around in my socks.

At two miles I was tired and wanted to walk, but Justine encouraged me to see if I could go a bit further. At two and a half miles my body resigned itself to the fact that I was going to be continuing running and the rest of the run was quite easy. We ended up running almost five and a half miles. I ran twelve minute miles, so I ran the first five miles in exactly one hour. That felt good. In the end what stopped me, was my knees, they were getting stiff and my legs were starting to be tired and giving out, I could feel myself slowing.

Standing on the side of the trail, Justine saw a deer, I was behind her and didn't see it.

As were turning around at the end of a trail, we saw an opossum standing frozen, one paw raised, tail stuck straight out behind it, hoping against all hope that if it didn't move we may not spot it.

It was so good to be out in nature running all sorts of trails; mown grass, pavement, packed down dirt, gravel, tire tracks in a field, and cleared paths in the woods, hopping over fallen logs and avoiding holes.

We rewarded ourselves with a Diet Coke.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

tragic endings

Do you ever read a book that appears to be leading up to a tragic ending and you are sad, but then you resign yourself to it and decide that it is the only way the book to end, only to have the author miraculously change the circumstances so that the ending isn't a tragedy after all but a happy one and then you are disappointed? I hate that. I wish more books ended tragically. Maybe it's because I always want everything to work out in real life. In that way, I am a hopeless romantic. In books I am willing to let the ending be sad because it isn't about real people. I find it more romantic.

Monday, October 14, 2013

It's time for a proper shower.

thoughts on my vacation:

I didn't drive a car for eight days.

I didn't shave for ten days.

I wore the same shirt for five days on the cruise ship.

I missed reading my Bible.

I am extremely selfish and expect everything to go my way.

I don't do well without quiet time everyday.

I get in petty arguments quite easily.

I love being waited on.

I didn't miss internet for four days.

I found it hard to resist using my phone once I had internet.

I like wearing makeup occasionally.

I don't take photographs very often.

I brought two evening outfits and wore those for the seven nights and didn't even get tired of them.

I need food every three hours.

I don't resist sugar at all.

My jeans are so tight they barely fit anymore.

I didn't miss home, family, or my pets.

I want to travel the world.

The idea of doing the same thing over and over again for hours everyday makes me want to cry.

I am not afraid of people I will never see again.

I am not afraid of people whom I don't care to impress.

Flirting makes me very uncomfortable.

I want to listen to music all the time.

If you like me I automatically am inclined to like you too.

I watch people very closely.

I want to experience all different ways of life, traveling and working in different cities around the world.

I miss lattes.


As a girl, if I was a crier, I would cry a lot. I often feel bad enough to cry. But I don't cry, nor do I wish I could cry. I hate crying. It doesn't fix anything. It just gives me a headache. I just go for a run instead. I've heard boys say doing physical exercise helps them cool off. It has yet to help me feel less emotional, but it's the only thing I can think to do, since crying isn't an option. It's not even like I want to cry and won't let myself. I can't muster up any tears. I just feel awful. So I do the only thing I can do. I pray. And remind myself of the truth. Only Jesus can satisfy. And I run.
Tonight Pinterest is overwhelming. I have been on vacation for the past week. I know I cannot get back to where I left off and that bothers me. And then overwhelms me. So I want to give up before I even try. Maybe one day I will learn that it is okay to spend as long as I want on a site and even if I don't make it back to the beginning that is *okay*.